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Getting XCode 12 to build React Native Projects on an M1 Mac

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Works on MacOS 11.4 Big Sur, XCode 12.5/12.5.1 and React Native 64

If you are having trouble getting just the React Native tutorial to build on your M1 Mac, simply follow the following steps:
  1. Follow this guide, but use a Rosetta terminal for all of the steps. To create a Rosetta terminal I duplicated, renamed it to X86Term, and ticked 'Open in Rosetta' in the Get Info menu
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  1. In the Get Info menu for XCode (right click, Get Info), set 'Open using Rosetta'
  1. Open Xcode, find the .xcworkspace file and open it
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  1. Add arm64 to Excluded Architectures as shown below
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That's it! you should be able to run everything as normal after that. Obviously its not ideal to run things under Rosetta, but I'm sure with time the underlying issues will be resolved.