A list of ideas that I may or may not actually do

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Feel free to leave a comment if you have any feedback!

Recreate this replicache demo using clojure + crux (maybe site?). Check here for some example implementations. Other things to research:, rxdb, watermelon db,
App that allows people to 'draw' on a physical pixel display in my house
A clojurescript only full stack framework using hasura + auth0 + other serverless platforms
Replies to comments on website
Comments on blocks in blog, like craft pages

Big(er) projects

Comment system using notion as a backend (pros: no need to setup hasura, already use notion for blog, can more easily edit comments and change schema, free log?. Cons: no subscriptions, need to rewrite this, easier to break/less stable)
Stackoptions: an index of ‘features’ e.g ‘real-time sync’, ‘large dataset’, ‘authz’ and corresponding tools that are suited to those features. Allows people to filter this list of tools by language, features etc and also to contribute new options. Main competitor/possible data source is, but it’s searching sucks
Notion esque clone
A like site but for dev tools, categories may include: static site generators, databases, full stack web frameworks, SPA frameworks. Needs to have a scientific testing procedure and scoring system that is consistent across categories (or at least consistent across something)
Babashka script that puts adoc or md onto notion, like the juxt blog but notion instead of web flow.